Triple Gem of the North is a community dedicated to practicing a mindful way of life. Our community is led by Buddhist principles based on mindful traditions thousands of years old. Mindfulness uncovers wisdom and compassion which brings peace within and promotes peace with others. We invite you to come, sit, and rest in the quiet peacefulness. Learn to live life mindfully with loving-kindness towards all. Come to know and genuinely love yourself and all with whom you live in a relationship. Improve your physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. Help to build a more peaceful community.


COVID-19 Health Plan

We have met with the county health officials and they have allowed us to open with the following Health Plan in place. We are using disinfectant to clean the cabins (toilets/bathroom, table, and countertops, floors, etc.) after every guest. We air the cabins out before guests arrive as well. For Airbnb guests, linen and towels provided are fresh as well. Hand sanitizer is provided in every cabin for your personal use. We have four cabins which are separated by woods. If you run into guests, we ask that you practice appropriate social distance and wear a mask when interacting. The Center covers 37 acres with many walking paths. This allows you to keep your distance from others who may be using the walking paths.


Urgent Appeal for Financial Assistance

Dear Noble friend:
The recent turbulence in our world due to the Covid 19 pandemic has affected all of us in many different ways. I hope you and yours are well in these uncertain times. I am writing with an urgent appeal for financial assistance for Triple Gem. Our inability to gather as a group in any of our locations has had an obvious adverse impact on our finances. Therefore, in the spirit of Dāna, I am asking you to please contribute online or through an ACH transaction. Further, I am asking you to double what you normally give, if you can, while our crisis lasts:

  • Please consider giving $200, if you normally give $100 a month
  • Please consider giving $100, if you normally give $50 a month
  • Please consider giving $50, if you normally give $25 a month

Any amount helps!

The Center has fixed expenses, including loan payments, utilities, and so forth. And, of course, the monks need money to sustain themselves, and allow them to continue the wonderful job they do through their teachings every day.

Click here to set up an ACH transaction.

Again, I realize times are tough for everybody. If you can pitch in, it would be of immense help.
Please be well, happy, skillful, and peaceful.

Much Metta,
Akshay R. Rao, PhD
Treasurer for Triple Gem of the North




Triple Gem of the North offers meditation sessions open to all. Meditation can be practiced by anyone. The practice of meditation is a process of turning inward to learn about the inner workings of the mind and how thoughts and emotions shape perception.



Triple Gem of the North offers day retreats, weekend retreats and personalized retreats based on original Buddhist practice and teachings in the areas of meditation and mindfulness. Retreats are offered by our resident and visiting teachers throughout the year.



Triple Gem of the North workshops are offered by both our resident and visiting teachers in the areas of Meditation, Mindfulness, and Abhidhamma (Buddhist Psychology).



Triple Gem of the North offers yoga sessions open to all. Yoga can be practiced by anyone, and it's a group of physical, mental, and spiritual disciplines that originated in ancient India. A limited number of mats are provided but you are welcome to bring your own.