Introduction to Mindfulness

Introduction to Mindfulness
Date: Saturday, February 09th, 2019
Time: 1pm-3pm

Where: Mindfulness Center (212 N Chestnut St, Chaska MN)

wear comfortable clothing?

Mindfulness for Everyday Life:

The Mindful Way of life offer these reflections as skillful and joyful places for the mind to abide. In this workshop, we learn How to practice mindfulness and how to be open to own self.

In this workshop, we will learn mindfulness techniques to enhance self-reflection and self-compassion.

Teacher: Bhante Sathi

Suggested Donation: $50


12:45 pm Arriving
1:00 pm Introducing to Mindfulness
1:30 pm Practice Mindfulness
2:00 pm Guided Discussion and Q&A
2:40 pm More Mindfulness Technics
3:00 pm End

Registration: all are welcome!! Limited space, Register before February 3rd, to register to click here or email us at [email protected]