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Invitation for Buddhist Chantings

at Metta Meditation Center

Please join us to celebrate at the Metta Meditation Center, 3864 420th Ave, Janesville, MN 56048, on September 21, starting at 1 pm. This is an open house, for you, your family and friends, and at the same time, 15 monastics will be present for chanting through the afternoon.

You are welcome to listen mindfully to the chanting, and stay as little or as long as you please. This will take place in the main room of the retreat center. At the end, everyone will receive the blessing strings and chanted water.

1.00 pm-6.00pm: Open House Special blessing chanting
7.00pm: Distribution of blessing strings and chanted water
7.15pm: End

As always, I wish that you and all living beings will be well, happy, skillful and peaceful.