Course on Eightfold Path

Buddhist Course on Eightfold Path

Next class Friday 7:00-8.00pm Starting June 1st


Noble Eightfold Path dwells at the “heart” of Buddha’s teachings and practices. Buddha introduced the Noble Eightfold Path (AKA the Path) to help establish mindfulness in our lives that will enhance peace and joy in our lives. The Path gives us a set of guidelines to explore, learn, and practice. Following these guidelines will help us establish stout mindful skills that will help us access abundant wisdom of our existence, foundations of our pain and joy.  To follow the Noble Eightfold Path is a matter of practice rather than intellectual knowledge, but to apply the path correctly it has to be properly understood. In fact, Harmonious understanding of the path is itself a part of the practice.

When understood wisely we can tryout and test these guidelines and leanings on everyday life. Thus, we learn to see life realistically, without misapprehensions overpowering our minds and creating mental noise and affliction. Hence, we will benefit in many ways-we will learn about our mind, how we relate to our day-to-day experiences, how we interact with others and ourselves and in turn we will have self and other compassion, loving-friendliness, equanimity, tranquility and sympatric-joy.

Buddhist teaching is a way of life contrary to a religion, dogma, philosophy, etc. Thus, anyone can choose to follow and benefit from the Path regardless of his or her cultural upbringing and faith. This is a path that helps us to establish a wise, mindful lifestyle and peaceful thinking.


Topic: The Eightfold Path

The Eightfold Path, is the heart and foundation for the Buddhist Wisdom, and encompasses an assembly that anyone can follow. There are 8 steps to the Noble Eightfold Path; anyone can begin to practice from any step from 1-8. In this class we will study and examine all 8 steps, one by one and discuss deep understandings of the core Buddhist teachings by looking into our selves in practical ways.


Eightfold Path – Program structure

Day 1. Harmonious Perspective (sammā-ditthi)

Day 2. Harmonious Orientation (sammā-sankappa)

Day 3. Harmonious Speech (sammā-vācā)

Day 4. Harmonious Action (sammā-kammanta)

Day 5. Harmonious Lifestyle (sammā-ājīva)

Day 6. Harmonious Exercise (sammā-vāyāma)

Day 7. Harmonious Attention (sammā-sati)

Day 8. Harmonious Mental Equilibrium (sammā-samādhi)


Duration: 8 consecutive weeks; Friday 7:00-8.00pm  (Optional meditation 6.30-7.00pm)

1st day June 1st

Location: Mindfulness Center, 212 North Chestnut St., Chaska MN 55318

Instructor: Bhante Sathi, Guiding Teacher at TGN

Class Format: teaching, discussion, and practice

3 sets of programs will be conducted; if someone misses one session in the 1st and the 2nd programs they may come to the next serial program to make up their missed session.

Course Fee: $150

Registered before March 20th. (Group is limited to 12)

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