Seminar on Seven Steps to Awakening (Satta Bojjhanga)

Buddhist Seminar on “Seven Steps to Awakening”

Topic:  Seven Steps to Awakening (Satta Bojjhanga)

These teachings are for advancing our meditation practice. Awakening happens with in; each one of life experiences helps form our mind. Our past created who we are today and our present will move us to the person whom we will become in the future. Understanding and practicing these seven steps of meditation will make us more grounded and the awareness this may enhance will expand our wisdom with in.

In Buddhist practice there are 37 factors of awakening that is included in these main seven steps of awakening. We will discuss, learn about and practice each step one session at a time, in seven days. During each session Bhante will introduce a special guided meditation technique that compliments each step on the seven steps to Awakening. We will discuss practice and understanding of each topic in depth that will encompass deep Buddhist teachings.

1) Introversion of Attention, mindfulness (sati)
2) Observation of Experience, investigation (dhamma vicaya)
3) Strength, effort (viriya)
4) Rapture (pīti)
5) Relaxation, calm (passaddhi)
6) Mental Equilibrium, concentration (samādhi)
7) Equanimity (upekkhā)

Duration: 7 consecutive weeks.  Saturday 7:00-8.00pm 

Starting day: June 2nd

 Class Format: teaching, discussion, and practice

2 sets of programs will be conducted; if someone misses one session in the 1st program, they may come to the next 2nd program to make up their missed session.

Location: Mindfulness Center, 212 North Chestnut St., Chaska MN 55318

Instructor: Bhante Sathi, Guiding Teacher at TGN

Requirement: Practicing meditation for a year or more ; have attended two or more residential retreats. (If you are not a TGN member you may bring a recommendation letter from your regular teacher)

Course Fee: $150

Registration: group is limited to 12 , Register before March 20th

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