Chi Gong with Insight reflections

Chi Gong with Insight Reflections

– Afternoon Workshop with dynamic meditation –

When: Saturday, August 24th, 2019
Time: 1 pm to 6 pm.
Where: At Mindfulness Center, Chaska MN
Instructor: Ven Kovida is from Ontario and teachers across Canada and in several countries. He will be discussing the benefits of Mindfulness, including Dynamic Mindfulness – hand movements and chi gong movements. Also, reflections on the nature of consciousness, self and non-self (anatta). These teachings offer insight and methods on how to purify the mind and support one to live a healthy, wise and peaceful lifestyle. (Chi Gong means energy practice/exercise and it is beneficial for releasing stress and emotional stress, and it is complementary to sitting meditation.)
This Workshop:
Mindfulness is a skillful way of relating to and connecting to life and daily experience. It is paying attention on purpose in the present moment and in a non-judgemental way. It is a way of being and it takes practice. It is calm attention to what is happening from moment to moment without discrimination or criticism. It is the observing power of the mind that sees without the filter of desire or aversion, liking or disliking, or delusional reaction. It is, therefore, a wholesome way of seeing what is happening in the present moment.
Mindful breathing brings the mind home to the body. You begin to experience calmness, a sense of well-being and quiet joy. This helps our concentration and focus, and we begin to appreciate the fact of being alive instead of being distracted and confused by compulsive thinking. This can help us to stop thinking about the past with regret and guilt, and stop thinking about the future with anxiety, fear, and uncertainty. We are able to experience tranquility and stillness which is most beneficial and precious in our busy and stressful lives.
Mindfulness also helps us not to react to unpleasant words and situations, and not to take things so personally. A great deal of our mental energy is caught up in habitual reactions. It is our reactions which make us burn out, which throws us off balance and cause us suffering and discontent, dis-ease. We can remain calm and patient, wise, strong and secure. Then we can respond in a beneficial way and be helpful to others. Without mindfulness, we are enslaved and deluded by mental activity, by too much thinking – this is the source of dukkha, mental – emotional disturbance. Meditation is not an evasion or escape; it is a clear and serene encounter with reality.
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Suggested Donation: $60 (most people pay $ 60 or more) 
Arriving and Registration 12.40 pm-12:50 pm
1:00 pm…Chi gong movements.
2:00 pm…Dynamic and sitting meditation.
2:45 pm…Walking, sitting and Dhamma reading.
3:30 pm…Tea break and discussion.
4:00 pm…Mindful chanting and sitting.
5:00 pm…Dhamma talk and Q & A.
6:00 pm…End.
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