Meditation Retreat -Self Love and Beyond

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Self Love and Beyond

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August 13-16 (Thursday 5 pm- Sunday 4 pm)

Teacher:  Bhante Sathi

This 3-day Retreat will allow you to, Experience of knowing our self. Gain insight on how to observe self-actions and their reactions without judgment, learn how to become a friend to own self. Practice techniques to cultivate friendliness and love. Get a kick start on living a healthy and loving lifestyle. Practice and experience healing techniques. Learn valuable Buddhist techniques that you can use every day. (Registration will end on August 4th)Location: Metta Meditation Center

3864 420th Avenue
Janesville, MN 56048

Teachers: This will be leading by TGN Guided Teachers

Registration: Meditation Center holds up to 40 people. Registration is required by July 20th, 2020 ( Regular TGN retreat attendees will have priority to attend to this retreat)

Click Here to Register

Food: Vegetarian / vegan breakfast and lunch will be provided by Soorya

Cost: Suggested donation based on the cost of this retreat

for 1 person $250 (paying after July 31st $280)

For staying in a personal cabin $320 (Only four cabins are available)

Pay Nowhere


Covid 19 Plan Click here

Accommodation: This retreat is at the Metta Meditation Center. Your allocated room will be given at the time of registration. You will find the accommodations are not luxurious, but quite adequate for the purpose of the retreat. There is a scenic view of the lake and the meditation hall is quiet and spacious. Bedrooms are conveniently accessible. There are separate quarters for male and female participants. Most rooms have two beds so you will likely have a roommate. Rooms will be assigned based on same gender. If you have any preference for a roommate or a single room, please let us know in advance. Attendance: Retreat participants are asked and strongly encouraged to start and end the retreat with the entire group. Any exceptions to this are only made by the teacher with special permission granted. Clothing and Other Details: Clothing worn during the retreat should cover the entire body (for example long pants are preferred over shorts). Short sleeve shirts are acceptable though sleeveless shirts should be avoided. Clothing should be comfortable. Also, heavily scented perfumes/products should be avoided. There are members of the community who are sensitive to certain scents.

5 pm Check-in
6 pm supper
7 pm Introduction to Retreat
7.30 pm Sitting Meditation
8 pm Discussion 1
9.30 pm End of the day
Friday and Saturday
6 am Mindful Yoga
7 am Sitting Practice
7.30 am breakfast
8.30 am Teaching
9:30 Sitting walking meditation
11:00 am Q&A
12 pm Lunch
2 pm Q&A
3 pm Walking practice
4 pm Yoga
5 pm Excercise of training mind
6 pm supper
7 pm sitting meditation
8 pm Discussion
9.30 pm End of the day
6 am Mindful Yoga
7 am Sitting Practice
7.30 am breakfast
8.30 am Teaching
9 am sitting and Walking meditation
10:30 am guided discussion
11:30 am Lunch
1 pm Cleaning
2 pm Q&A
3 pm END