Cooking Retreat

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Mindful Cooking Retreat (Vegan)

Location: Metta Meditation Center (MMC) in Janesville

This three-day mindful cooking retreat is arranged due to many requests from our noble friends who have been to the MMC and enjoyed the meals provided during our retreats. They are inspired to eat healthier

During this retreat, together we’ll learn how to practice mindfulness while preparing and cooking food; how to cultivate healthy eating habits, as well as cultivating joy as nourishment, both for our selves and our loved ones.

We will demonstrate how to prepare a few popular vegan recipes and a few South Asian dishes. You will also have a chance to participate in mindful prepping if desired; the role may vary depending on the number of participants. You will also have a chance to practice sitting meditation, walking meditation, doing mindful exercises and/or yoga and/or chi gong, listening to Dharma talks, practicing noble silence, mindful eating, and learning the art of mindful cooking.

When: Friday, June 21 st- Sunday, June 23th, 2019

Location: Metta Meditation Center
3864 420th Avenue
Janesville, MN 56048

Organized by: Dr Dharshini G and Dr Patricia L 

Registration: Metta Meditation Center holds up to 40 people. Registration is required by June 1st, 2019. ( Regular TGN retreat attendees will have priority to attend to this retreat)

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Cost: Suggested donation based on the cost of this retreat

a Person for Single room $280
Sharing room with someone $240

(sharing room with same gender or own family member)

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Accommodation: This retreat is at the Metta Meditation Center. Your allocated room will be given at the time of registration. You will find the accommodations are not luxurious, but quite adequate for the purpose of the retreat. There is a scenic view of the lake and the meditation hall is quiet and spacious. Bedrooms are conveniently accessible. There are separate quarters for male and female participants. Most rooms have two beds so you will likely have a roommate. Rooms will be assigned based on same gender. If you have any preference for a roommate or a single room, please let us know in advance.Attendance: Retreat participants are asked and strongly encouraged to start and end the retreat with the entire group. Any exceptions to this are only made by the teacher with special permission granted.Clothing and Other Details: Clothing worn during the retreat should cover the entire body (for example long pants are preferred over shorts). Short sleeve shirts are acceptable though sleeveless shirts should be avoided. Clothing should be comfortable. Also, heavily scented perfumes/products should be avoided. There are members of the community who are sensitive to certain scents.
4 pm Check in
This retreats will include ones a day Yoga, Meditation and will be learning about food, some presentations, teachings and discussion,