Katina – The Celebration of Personal Spiritual Practice (Nov 2019)

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The Katina Robe Ceremony is an event that is honored and celebrated through personal spiritual practice and generosity in the Buddhist tradition.

As the Buddha said, the Noble Community’s greatest spiritual gain is from its unity between members. This unity is like a string. It becomes stressed when having to support heavy objects and breaks with little force. However, when many strings combine to create a rope the strings can support thousands of pounds without breaking.

The Buddha’s advice was to come together to create a strong rope for supporting life’s challenges and not break when those challenges become heavy. This event celebrates the idea of completing one robe by using thousand of strings.

However, this celebration does have its conditions. To celebrate Katina,  a community must have monastics in the Buddhist Order and those Monastics should observe the monastic retreat with the support of a community. These monastics must complete the retreat successfully. According to Buddhist tradition, this ceremony is considered to be the biggest meritorious act compared to all others.

The main sponsor this year is Tam Tran and her family and noble friends.

We will have 12 monks and nuns from Bangladesh, Nepal, Vietnam, Tibet, and Sri Lanka in our presence.

When: Sunday, November 10th, 2019
Time: 10:00 am (Please arrive before 9:45 am)
Where: Mindfulness Center in Chaska – 212 N Chestnut Street, Chaska, MN

We thank you and look forward to seeing you at this special event!

Be a Supporter

Invite your family and spiritual friend to participate. Give generously to the Wishing Tree.

The Wishing Tree

A Wishing Tree, a 2,600-year-old tradition, has been placed at the Mindfulness Center!

You place gifts (medicine, clothing, money, etc.) that are needed to support the monks under the Wishing Tree. This directly helps support the monks and is seen as both a literal and symbolic form of unconditional giving. Some even believe they will receive what they have offered. For example, those who are facing health challenges may offer medicine or support for medical needs. For housing and financial challenges, they offer money.    

Please visit the wishlist on our website to view our updated list. You may drop off wishlist items and donations at any TGN meditation locations or bring them to Katina and leave at the Wishing Tree.


Please wear semi-formal clothing that is light in color, preferably white. We recommend white (or light-colored) skirts, pants, and shirts. No shorts, please.


9:45 am: Arrival

10:00 am: Introduction

10:10 am: Taking Precepts

10:15 am: Dhamma Talk

10:45 am: Healing Chanting

11:15 am: Offering Special Robe by Bentz family

11:20 am: Offering to Buddha

11:30 am: Offering Lunch to Monks

12:00 pm: Offering Gifts to Monks

12:10 pm:  Lunch for Everyone