Celebrating New Year Eve

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We invite all our wonderful community members to join us in celebrating New Year Eve. as
part of this holiday season. Bring your family members, your friends, and join us for a joyful

evening of celebration and gratitude.


Tuesday, December 31st, 2019
(arrival time – 4:30 pm)
Evening schedule – 31st December 2019
5.00 pm Chanting and meditation
6.00 pm Tea and Snacks
7.00 pm Dhamma Discussion
9.00pm Bedtime
Morning Schedule – 1st January 2020
7.30 am Breakfast
8:00 am Chanting and sitting Meditation
9:00 am Discussion –A New Year filled with harmony
10.00 am End of Program

Metta Meditation Retreat Center
3864 420th Avenue, Janesville MN 56048

The retreat center will be available for those who would like to stay overnight. If you are
planning to stay overnight, please email or call Bhante Dhammadeva
at [email protected] or 507-234-5712 to make overnight arrangements).