Retreats in 2020

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Nurturing Relationship Skills for a Blissful Life

February 20-23 (Thursday 5 pm- Sunday 3pm)

Teacher:  Bhante Sathi

We have many kinds of relationships like, our family relationships, friendships, acquaintanceships and romantic relationships. They have the power to impact the quality of our lives; some relationships are emotionally and physically abusive, makes us feel emotionally drained and some relationships gives us energy and makes us feel incandescently happy.

Bhante Sathi will lead this retreat discussing Buddha’s teachings and many Eastern practices about developing and preserving relational health. Also, Buddhist teaching on using different techniques on healing relational wounds will be shared. These skills will assist us in reshaping our ways and attitudes and will allow us to live a blissful and joyous life.  (Registration will end on January 25th 2020)

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Awaken Your Inner Self (Insight Meditation)

May 22 -25 (Friday 5pm- Monday 4pm) (Memorial day weekend)

Teachers:  Bhante Sathi,

May is seen as the month of awakening in many Eastern spiritual traditions. It is this time of year that many people sense greater energy in the cosmos. The Awaken Your Inner Self Retreat celebrates the awakening of Buddha’s mind and focuses on helping you awaken your own inner nature as well as those around you. This will also help us build community and promote our inner well-being. Bhante Sathi and Bhante Kamala will guide you through the teachings of Venerable Sariputta, a principal student to the Buddha. They will introduce Venerable Sariputta’s most valued theories and philosophies; they will also present how these concepts emerges in the day to day world and effective ways to practice them so we can benefit from these valued lessons. This knowledge will guide your thoughts and actions towards a healthy, wise, and peaceful lifestyle. (Registration will end on April 30)

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Training Your “Bronco mind”

July 9-12 (Thursday 5pm- Sunday 4pm)

Teacher:  Bhante Sathi

Is your mind like a wild, bucking bronco, or quiet, steady workhorse, with a good sense of humor?

The Tame Your Mind Retreat offers ways to understand and manage your emotions in a healthy manner, while getting your mind under your authority. The teachings, presented by Bhante Sathi, offer insight and methods on how to observe your own actions (and reactions) in a non-judgmental manner. You’ll learn how to “tame your mind” “tame the bucking bronco” leading toward a calmer, more peaceful and joyful lifestyle.

Bhante Sathi’s teachings will be based on Vipassana or insight meditation. (Registration will end on May 15th)

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Self Love and Beyond

August 13-16rd (Thursday 5pm- Sunday 4pm)

Teacher: Bhante Sathi

This 3-day Retreat will allow you to, Experience of knowing our self. Gain insight on how to observe self-actions and their reactions without judgment, learn how to become a friend to own self. Practice techniques to cultivate friendliness and love. Get a kick start on living a healthy and loving lifestyle. Practice and experience healing techniques. Learn valuable Buddhist techniques that you can use every day. (Registration will end on July 25th)

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Cultivate Your Mind (Bhavana)

November 19-22nd (Thursday 5pm- Sunday 4pm)

Teacher: Bhante Sathi

This retreat will start with forming a better understanding of our “beginner’s mind” leading you into becoming more mindful, and also reshaping your own inner attitudes, and cultivating greater happiness and peacefulness.

Bhante Sathi will discuss the Eightfold Path, eight practices for harmonious thinking, harmonious speech, and harmonious actions. He will also explore the Satta Bojjhanga Sutra that addresses the Seven Factors of Enlightenment, entering Jhana, a meditative state of profound stillness and concentration.

(Registration will end on Oct 20th)

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