Meditation Teacher – Training Program

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We are so happy to announce that Triple Gem of the North is offering a Meditation/Mindfulness teaching certification. This certification attests to an acceptable level of knowledge and teaching skills required for mindful meditation teaching.
To sign up for the program, use the link

The training will prepare you as a meditation and mindfulness teacher by educating our students on the following topics:

  • Understanding, practicing, and mastering mindfulness.
  • Historical evolution of mindfulness.
  • Several different Eastern mindfulness pathways.
  • How to become a teacher based on the Buddhist Suttas.
  • Understand the Bodhisatwa mind and become a Bodhisatwa (a person on the path to Buddhahood).
  • Understanding the Buddhist way of life by studying key Suttas.
  • The Triple Gem, The Buddha, The Dhamma, The Sangha.
  • Being a community member and creating a mindful community.
  • Becoming a life-long teacher using Insight Meditation and Mind Culture.

The certification program containt

  • Completion of assignments.
  • Understanding of key principles of historical meditation methods (Buddhist, hindu).

To earn certificate 

  • Attending at least 85% of training retreats.
  • Participants will complete one or more hands-on training sessions while a monk observes. For example, a guided meditation class.

Payment Options
Option 1 – Total Cost: $2200 ( $2000 if paid in full by September 3rd)
Option 2 – Installment Payment

  • Program Entry Fee (Due by September 3rd): $700
  • Entry Fee – Early Bird Discount (Due by August 15th): $350
  • Additional Payments: November 19th – $250 / January 7th – $250 / March 11st – $250 / April 22nd – $250 / June 10th – $250
  • Expense Breakdown: Expense for 1 person – Room 50x3x6 = 900 / Food 28x2x6= 336 / Fee 150×6 = 900 / Total = 2136

Fees will cover lodging and food expenses. (breakfast, lunch, and a light dinner). Food will be Vegan food. Please let us know if you have any food restrictions as we will do our best to accommodate you. You may also provide your own lunch if needed.

Training Schedule
All training will be held at the Metta Meditation Retreat Center in Janesville, MN. Each retreat will begin at 6:00 pm Friday and will end at 4:00 pm on Sunday. Participants may stay at the Center Sunday night, checking out before 10:00 am Monday morning.

January 21-23 – Overview of the program and a historical context
We will be focusing on “Understanding, practicing and mastering Mindfulness Meditation”
Historical evolution of Mindfulness. We will be studying all kinds of eastern mindful pathways.

March 11-13 – Being a good student is the teacher
How to be a student and how to be a teacher. We will be studying various Buddhist teaching methods by studying several suttas.

April 22-24 – On becoming a Bodhisatva
Understanding Bodhisatva mind and becoming a Bodhisatva (One who is working toward becoming enlightened.) We will be studying Buddhist Sutras to understand the Buddhist way of life.

June 10-12- The Triple Gem
Understanding and utilizing the Buddha, Dhamma, and Sangha.

July 22-24 – Creating a Mindful Community
Understanding the different ways a Mindful Community can be developed, and what are the guiding principles for it.

September 16-18 – Insight Meditation and Mind Culture
Being a life-long teacher using mindfulness. Utilizing Bhavana (Insight Meditation) and culturing the mind.

Minimum 1-year weekly meditation or more than 3 residential retreats under a qualified teacher.
You will have to submit a recommendation letter from your teacher if you are not a Triple Gem meditator.
Submit your application before November 15th, 2021
To sign up for the program, use the link