“Why should I help?”
“How much does it cost to come to a retreat?”
“There is no fee. Retreats are held solely based on Dana.”
“What do you mean there is no fee, based on Dana? How do you operate?”
We are frequently asked, “What is the suggested donation for retreats organized by TripleGem Of The North?” We cannot answer that question because that would be like setting a price for something that is priceless. The Buddha’s teachings are priceless; therefore, we cannot set a specific price for our teachings. Therefore, we offer our service solely based on Dana. So what is Dana? Its simplest meaning is “generosity.”

Our Monks practice Dana by offering the teachings to others without a price tag. You can practice Dana by making a donation of money, time, and/or labor. Your donation allows us to continue offering the teachings to others. The Monk’s Residence and other services were built and are maintained only by the generosity of all of you who value the teachings.

Along with Sila (virtuous behavior), Dana is considered essential to building a strong foundation in which wisdom can arise through meditation. It is through the practice of Dana that we learn to let go of our greed, which can be intense or very subtle.
Our effort is to support mankind, and our expectation is to share internal peace with every heart that we can touch.

If you would like to offer a financial donation to support our effort, please use the link below.

If you would like to offer any other kinds of Dana, please contact the Triple Gem of The North.

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Triple Gem Of The North Mindfulness Center. 212 N Chestnut St, Chaska MN 55318

** Paying by check or scheduling bill-pay through your bank saves us processing fees from Paypal or MNGive. Therefore, our preferred method of donation is by check or bill-pay through your bank. **

Monthly Recurring Automatic Donation Option

Triple Gem of the North can now arrange monthly withdrawals from your checking account for your monthly contribution. Please fill out this form to arrange a monthly withdrawal. To set up a monthly donation we must also receive a voided check from you. Please drop off at

Mindfulness Center. 212 N Chestnut St, Chaska MN 55318 or please email us at [email protected]

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