Volunteer opportunities:

Graphic designer for poster

TGN needs someone who is knowledgeable in graphic design and can create posters for TGN to distribute around the Mankato area.

Event planning (setting dates, garage sale, etc.)

Planning the layout of events and fundraisers would be appreciated. These responsibilities include setting dates and contacting establishments where the events are held.

Tabling on campus

Students make excellent volunteers because many are in need to put something on their future resumes. Planning and managing a table on MSU campus is a great opportunity to gather young skilled volunteers along with meet new people.

Minor cleaning

Mindfulness Center- Chaska

The center in Chaska is a new establishment but is in need of individuals who can do minor weekly cleaning. This will help the new center present a good first impression on the community while looking its best.

MMC- Janesville

Every Wednesday 10am- 12pm is cleaning time for the retreat center. We would like to have volunteers join us as they can come to help out. We are looking for someone who can come once a month or every other week if possible.

Event responsibilities assignment (assign individuals with responsibilities before events)

Events both large and small can present challenges on the distribution of responsibilities thus causing stress for volunteers. Having an individual who can communicate with the event planner and make a list of responsibilities would be highly appreciated. This individual will also communicate with volunteers and help them assign responsibilities they are most comfortable conducting.

Write blogs for Thought for the Week

Thought for the Week in the weekly newsletters is meant to be a voice for the TGN community. If you or someone you know would like to write some blogs expressing personal experience and perception on meditation, spirituality, and/or Buddhism please contact TGN expressing your interest.