Triple Gem of the North depends solely on the financial support and generosity of others. In the Buddhist tradition, this is called Dāna  (in Pali: दान), the virtue of generosity.

Our teachers practice Dana themselves by offering the teachings to others without a price tag.

You can practice Dana by making a donation of money, time, and/or labor. Your donations allow us to continue offering the teachings to others.

It is through the practice of Dana that we learn to let go of our greed, which can be intense or very subtle.

Dāna can take the form of giving to an individual or in more public projects that empower and help many.

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Ways to Give

There are several ways you can contribute and support the Center.
Your donations are tax deductible.

At All Triple Gem Activities

Bring a generous donation whenever participating in an activity sponsored by Triple Gem of the North. There is always a Dāna basket welcoming your contribution.

If you use an envelope and include your name, We are able to record and honor your generosity. If you plan to include the donation as a tax deduction please use a check instead of cash.

Mail Donations

You can send your checks directly to:
Triple Gem Of The North – Metta Mindfulness Center
212 N Chestnut Street
Chaska, MN 55318

Automatic Monthly Donations

These reoccurring donations greatly help the center maintain a budget and project on how to meet upcoming expenses.

Triple Gem of the North can arrange monthly withdrawals from your checking account for your monthly contribution.

Please fill out the Automatic Donation form to arrange a monthly withdrawal along with a voided check (for the routing numbers) to:

Triple Gem Mindfulness Center
212 N Chestnut Street
Chaska MN 55318

Donate Online




Donate Now - Razoo link

Please note that paying by check or scheduling bill-pay through your bank saves us processing fees from Paypal or Razoo. Therefore, our preferred method of donation is by check or bill-pay through your bank.

Your generous and on-going contributions will ensure that Triple Gem of the North will continue in its goal of offering a place for all people to gather in a safe, peaceful, and healthy setting.

Envelope photo from Pixabay