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Triple Gem of the North is a non-profit organization dedicated to the study and practice of the teachings of the Buddha. Triple Gem sponsors meditation and Sutta study events, as well as meditation retreats.

These teachings are offered unconditionally in the essence of dana (selfless generosity). Those who wish may also practice dana by offering a donation so that the monks may continue their work to inspire people seeking illumination. At the end of events and retreats, tax-deductible donations are also accepted for Triple Gem of the North.

Our long-term goal is to build a retreat center where people can come to meditate for any period of time, supported by resident teachers of the dhamma. On a periodic basis, the center will sponsor meditation retreats led by resident or visiting teachers. There will also be weekly meditation and Buddhist study classes. The center will operate on a dana basis meaning there will be no charge to those who wish to practice. Currently donations received by Triple Gem of the North that exceed current operating expenses are set aside for the retreat center.
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Our Teachers
Bhante Sathi
hante Kamala

Board of Directors 2017
Bhante Sathi
Amy Cardamone-Rayner
Akshay R Roy
Aaron Paradise
Patricia Ninows
Richard Ninows

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Buddha is a title for an awakened one. He cultivated compassion and wisdom. Liberated from pain and suffering by overcoming craving he introduced the eight-fold path to mankind so we may seek personal liberation. Sangha follows the teaching from this great teacher.



Reality is another name for Dhamma. Dhamma in Pali, dharma in Sanskrit (Pali is the Buddha’s original language). 45 years of Buddha’s recorded teachings are what we call the Pali Canon. Buddhist monks use the Dhamma for their practice and teaching.



There are two parts to the Sangha. Ordained sangha and non-ordained sangha. Sangha means those who follows the teachings of Buddha. Ordained sangha contain bhikkus and bhikkunis known as monks and Nuns.