The Meditator’s Neutral Mind

Teachings by Sathi

Meditation practice is not just about sitting somewhere quiet. With this practice, we are gaining or cultivating some qualities.

Most of you have experience and have heard the word “mindfulness” Mindfulness is the base. We sit down here mindfully.

One of basic things that a meditator is not doing is reacting. Because the meditator will not be a reactor during the meditation. But, instead of reacting you will begin to observe.

For the meditator, there is neither bad or wrong thing. If you have a pain, you would mindfully observe that pain. If you feel any emotion, you will mindfully recognize that emotion. You will not react. Or, if you hear or see anything during the meditation, you will just notice it. There is neither bad nor good happening during the meditation.

As a meditator, you are maintaining this neutral mind. When someone maintains this neutral mind, that allows your mind to be settled.

We like the positive side, or joy, or happiness. But, for the meditator even happiness is a disturbance. Think about, when your neighbor is having a party. It can be a disturbance for you. But, for them, it is a happiness. Even when your neighbors are fighting. That is also a disturbance. So, for a neutral mind, both will be a disturbance.

During the meditation you are not expecting to be calm or thoughtless.

But, what do you do when you happen to have a thought? You will recognize it and then bring yourself back into your training. Your training is maintaining yourself with the meditation practice.

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Recorded on April 15, 2019 at the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship in Mankato, Minnesota.

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