Humankind strives to become more powerful, to dominate their world in his quest to be a superman.  What is more powerful, the body or the mind?

We use our brains to invent tools and machinery to conquer our world and be more powerful. How is this newfound power being used? For some, it is the ability to destroy the world. On another level, we can ask why have we created all this technology, and has it grown bigger than what man can handle? It is the human’s intention and his mind creates this destruction. Without the mind component, technology alone would not be able to do anything. Therefore, the mind is more powerful.

One of the most powerful sides of the mind is curiosity. We are naturally curious beings. People are always discovering new things as a result. That is very
powerful. Would it not be helpful to redirect this power to understand ourselves better and to help others do the same? When a magician performs his act, you might be intrigued by his powers of illusion. When you see someone doing something you cannot do, perhaps you might want to learn how to do this also.

Centuries ago, meditation was introduced to the world through demonstrations of powerful mental feats, like walking on water or levitating. This was done to
gather attention. Although curious and fascinating, this is not the true value of meditation. It is better to understand what kind of qualities we have to
develop and fears to overcome.

The mind is our powerful ally. We have heard and sometimes experienced strange manifestations of the mind. For example, people who have left their bodies during an operation, and observed themselves in the operating room. an out of body experience. Others have claimed to experience psychic moments such as knowing some event will occur before it actually does, or to experience sensations of Deja vu. At times, anger, lust or hatred is so powerful it seems to control our thoughts and actions. We allow our emotions to lead us when others provoke. When this happens, it makes us weaker.

In mindfulness, we learn that these “Hot” emotions should not control us because they cloud our ability to observe the world around us. It is important to
discipline the mind through meditation, to become more aware when weakness arises, and to overcome it. This is more powerful. With that power, we can learn
how to develop power within us, to stretch our human limits.

The base of power is compassion, loving-kindness, equanimity, and sympathetic joy. To the perfectly developed mind traveling at the speed of light, walking through fire, sinking into the earths crust, mind reading and time travel is not far fetched. Overcoming physical pain and disease is possible. However, even the less-than-perfectly-developed mind enjoys many benefits such as good mental and physical health, a deeper happiness, relaxation, and many more just by practicing mindfulness. Some people overcome diseases such as cancer, chronic pain, and the like. Relax in one everyday life, whatever the conditions are. A well-trained mind is the most powerful element one can ever find.