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September 2018

  • A Course for Self- Motivation - Course: Bhavana (the practice of mind culture), a 6-week course on a Buddhist meditation technique. At Metta Meditation Center, 3864 420th Ave, Janesville, MN 56048 Instructor: Bhante Mihintale Kamalasiri Bhante Kamalasiri is a Buddhist monk, a spiritual/meditation teacher, and an … Continued
  • Residential Retreat Sept 27-30 - This is a residential Vipassana (insight) meditation retreat organized by the Triple Gem. Bhante Sathi will be leading this meditation retreat by discussing Buddhist guidance and other teachings that emphasizes refining the wisdom and compassion of our minds. These teachings … Continued
  • Introduction to Mindfulness - Introduction to Mindfulness Date: Saturday, October 06 th 2018 Time: 1pm-3pm Where: Mindfulness Center (212 N Chestnut St, Chaska MN) wear comfortable clothing? Mindfulness for Everyday Life: The Mindful Way of life offer these reflections as skillful and joyful places for the … Continued
  • Course on Eightfold Path - Buddhist Course on Eightfold Path Next class Saturday 3:00-4.00 pm Starting Sep 1st   Noble Eightfold Path dwells at the “heart” of Buddha’s teachings and practices. Buddha introduced the Noble Eightfold Path (AKA the Path) to help establish mindfulness in … Continued
  • Chaska Book Club - Chaska Book Club The book club meets on Saturday afternoons at 3pm every 3 to 4 weeks.   We typically read 30-50 pages of a book for each meeting.  Below is a listing of past books we have read and discussed.  If you are … Continued
  • Pali Chanting -   Pali Chanting Understanding the texts of ancient Pali chanting can help to practice our Buddhist tradition. Chanting is another practice as part of meditation and is used to develop inner strength by monks and laypeople. In this class we … Continued
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