One day meditation retreats last from the morning to the late afternoon. Residential retreats are multiple day meditation retreats held at The Holy Spirit Retreat Center in Janesville Minnesota. During the retreats Bhante will provide Buddhist teachings as well as guide participants through sitting and walking meditation. For more information please see the upcoming retreats below.

Upcoming Retreats

  • Residential Retreat with Bhante Kovida - Retreat with Bhante Kovida This is a Triple Gem Meditation Retreat. Bhante Kovida is from Ontario and teaches across Canada and in several countries. He will be discussing the benefits of Mindfulness, including Dynamic Mindfulness – hand movements and chi … Continued
  • Mindfulness for Everyday Life  - Mindfulness for Everyday Life Date: Saturday, June 2nd Time: 2pm-5pm where: Mindfulness Center wear comfortable clothing? Mindfulness for Everyday Life: The Mindful Way of life offer these reflections as skillful and joyful places for the mind to abide. In this workshop … Continued
  • Residential Meditation Retreat - This is the Triple Gem Residential Meditation Retreat. Bhante Sati will lead this meditation retreat with discussing the Buddha’s teachings and practices on purifying the mind. These teachings offer insight and methods on how to purify the mind and support … Continued
  • Meditation, Resilience and Vocation: A Mindfulness Approach for Life - Meditation, Resilience and Vocation: A Mindfulness Approach for Life Monday June 25th- Thursday June 28th Retreat Objectives and Schedule Objectives/Outcomes for Retreat Participants Reflect on personal interests and activities (what do you enjoy doing?) Create a vision for your vocation/life-path  … Continued
  • Residential Retreat with Upul - This is a residential Vippassana (insight) meditation retreat organized by the Triple Gem. Upul Gamage will be leading this meditation retreat by discussing Buddhist sutras and other teachings that emphasizes refining the wisdom and compassion of our minds. These teachings … Continued
  • Metta Meditation Center - The day has come, and our dream has become reality: On Sept. 14, Triple Gem of the North closed on the Holy Spirit Retreat Center in Janesville. Without your generosity, support and trust, we never would have reached our goal. … Continued