** New Class** – Monastic Yoga

There are a many breathing exercises that monks incorporate into their practice. Join resident monk Bhante Sathi to learn and experience these traditional yogic exercises used by Buddhist monks that help to maintain physical wellness and develop mindfulness to support of your meditation practice. Classes will be held at the Chaska Mindfulness Center on Sundays from 5-6 pm after the Pali Chanting class.


Each week on Sunday mornings from 10:30 am to 11:30 am at the Mindfulness Center, Triple Gem meditators gather to do Hatha Yoga together. They are taught by Gina Gafford, a member of the Triple Gem Community, who offers this service for the TGN Community. A limited number of mats are provided but you are welcome to bring your own. Periodically, there will be Kundalini Yoga offered by Jaya Pathak, and will be noted in the newsletter in advance.

Yoga classes are open to all of our friends and family. Our teachers freely offer their service with a kind heart as part of their generosity. All participants may donate money to support the center.


Our Yoga Teachers:

Gina Gafford

gina_photo-204x300Gina has been a devoted yogini for 16 years. She is a registered yoga teacher (RYT) and holds her 200 Hour Yoga Alliance Certification. Gina also holds certifications in Group Exercise, Pilates, Zumba Fitness, Reiki, Qigong, and Massage Therapy.

Gina started teaching yoga at Triple Gem of the North in January 2013. Her classes are blend of Vinyasa and Iyenger styles of yoga. During Gina’s classes, you will tap into transformation of your body, mind, and spirit with a deeper understanding on how to bring balance into your life. You will stretch your physical body and become strong. You will increase your energy while de-stressing the mind. After class, you will feel a full integration and rejuvenation of your whole being. Yoga will change your life.

Gina lives in Waconia with her husband and two daughters. She enjoys traveling, reading, photography, going to movies, walking her dogs, and spending time with her family. Currently, Gina is working on her Master’s Degree in Holistic Health Studies at St. Catherine University.



Jaya Pathak

yoga1Jaya was introduced to yoga as a child. Growing up, she was inspired by her father who practiced yoga regularly. She pursued her undergrad studies at an Indian university that laid emphasis on mental, physical and spiritual development and Yoga was an integral part of the college curriculum. She is also keenly interested in energy healing, holds a Reiki second degree certification, and has been a Reiki practitioner for over a decade.

In 2012 she was introduced to Kundalini yoga. In June 2013, she completed her Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) 200-hour certification. She was drawn to this style of yoga since it is not solely focused on asanas (postures) but also includes the element of dhyana (meditation). Additionally it weaves in pranayama (breathing), mantras (chants) and mudras (hand postures) to create a unique recipe for spiritual elevation. Kundalini yoga positively impacts our body and mind. It guides our physical and mental energy and creates an awareness of one’s true potential.

In her professional career as an organizational consultant, she has worked in human resources and organizational behavior space and has focused on issues of performance management, leadership development and employee engagement. Her work experience strengthened her belief in the importance of work-life balance, and she did her doctoral research examining the positive outcomes of balancing work and family life.

When not at work, Jaya enjoys being around family and friends. She loves spending time in nature walking, hiking, kayaking, swimming, biking, or snowshoeing. She is a travel enthusiast and enjoys exploring new places, watching movies, listening to music and reading. She is also a foodie and is excited by the thought of trying different cuisines.