Mindfulness Center at Chaska, MN
212 N Chesnut St, Chaska MN 55318

The Center serves the communities of the Southwest Metro area of Minneapolis. We are open to all who seek to live in deeper harmony with life through mindful living. The Center is dedicated to serving all who seek to improve their health and well-being (physical, mental, and spiritual) through meditation and mindfulness practices, well-being classes, mindfulness retreats, classes in Buddhist philosophy, and Buddhist counseling. The Center serves as an oasis of quiet peace and loving kindness in the heart of the community, a place where anyone can come to meditate and rest in a refuge of peace and compassion amidst the hectic pace of our lives

Our Offerings 

To operate the Mindfulness Center, TGN needs your support. Help bring more compassion and loving kindness into our community. We ask that you commit to a monthly or annual donation or a one-time donation to TGN. Find more details on this page.

Phone: (612) 216 4854
Email:[email protected]