Update 4/5/2016: The Monk’s residence is closed temporarily, however meditation still resumes on Monday evenings at the Unitarian Universalist Church in Mankato.

Monks’ Residence at Mankato, MN

The Monks’ Residence in Mankato, Minnesota, is the first established home of the Triple Gem of the North Sangha.

The residence provides accommodation for Buddhist monks and nuns as well as space for meditation and Dhamma study. The Residence was established on January 7, 2007. Since then, it has been a space for retreats, meditation, sutta study, and used as a hub for community activities.
The residence has allowed for greater interaction between monks, nuns, and the lay community by providing a temporary home for guest monastics.
Located on Sumner Hill in Mankato, the Monk’s Residence is a quiet place of scenic beauty, with space for meditators to stay for private retreats. The Residence is open to beginning and advanced meditators interested in cultivating Sila (morality), Samadhi (concentration), and Panna (wisdom).
All are welcome to our regular meditation and Dhamma classes, or to just come for a visit with the monks.
Contact the head monk Bhante Sathi, via email: [email protected]
The Center and its resident monks are entirely supported by donations. We deeply appreciate your support.
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